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Oh No! You Knocked Out A Tooth. Do You Know What To Do Now?

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Dental emergencies can happen quickly. When a tooth has been knocked out, do you know what to do?

Here are the relevant details on when and how you can save a tooth that’s been knocked out. This information is vital not only for dental professionals to know, but also parents, teachers, and coaches since it is often kids who wind up in this emergency situation.

When Should You Try To Save The Tooth

Only permanent teeth should be replanted. Pediatric dentists recommend NOT trying to replant a primary tooth because it can cause infection to spread to the developing permanent teeth or interfere with the proper growth of the underlying permanent tooth.

At this point, the most significant concern would be to maintain the space left by the primary tooth so that there is adequate space for the erupting permanent tooth.

How Can You Save The Tooth

The loss of a permanent tooth is another story. This kind of emergency is common from sports or auto accidents. Whether it is your kid playing on the playground or diving into pools, following the steps outlined in the slideshow below will help save their teeth!



Timing is crucial. Replanting the tooth as soon as possible, in just a matter of minutes, offers the best chance of a successful outcome. So, if a dental emergency arises call our office immediately at 480-513-6864.

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Stay safe!

Your Smile Team at Gregory Graber DDS.

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