man with nice teeth due to invisalign

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man with nice teeth due to invisalign

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already begun the research on how to get straighter teeth and Invisalign appeals to you. Invisalign is an amazing way to get your teeth straight without the hassle of all that metal in your mouth and endless visits to your orthodontist.

Here at Gregory Graber DDS – dentist in Scottsdale AZ, we take Invisalign seriously, and our work speaks for itself.

How Does Invisalign Work?

With Invisalign, it’s in the name, it’s virtually invisible unless you know what you’re looking for. They’re made from a thermoplastic material that resembles teeth-whitening trays.

The trays are custom-made for your teeth and a sequential order is set by Dr. Graber to complete the straightening process.

person putting in invisalign tray

Here’s what a tray will look like.

When you begin with Invisalign, you’ll start your first tray that will begin moving your teeth to a straighter position. Over the course of the treatment, you’ll be receiving new trays approximately two weeks apart. Through the process, your teeth will be moved into the correct placement by the use of controlled force.

Not all your teeth will be moving at once, Invisalign controls the force and timing of the force application. During each sequence, only certain teeth are allowed to move and this is controlled by our Invisalign expert Dr. Graber.

Why Would I Choose Invisalign?

Besides that whole cool invisible thing, there are lots of reasons:

  • You can take them out! – You should be wearing the trays for at least 20-22 hours a day, but unlike traditional braces, you can take them out for a break. This is especially helpful when eating.
  • Brush & Floss like a normal human! – Yep, you can actually brush and floss without the discomfort of metal in your mouth.
  • Less time in the chair! – No wires for traditional braces means no adjustments which in turn means the less time you need to spend at our office. Even though we know you love to hang out here.

What Else Do I need To Know?

Basically that we’re the best Invisalign providers in our area! It’s true! But there’s more:

  • Although Invisalign doesn’t bring on the same anxiety and pain that traditional braces carry, there may be some discomfort for a few days when you try on the next tray in the sequence. That pressure means it’s working! And it doesn’t last.
  • The whole process of getting your teeth straight is probably going to take around 12 months.
  • You really don’t need to avoid foods since you can take the trays out, unlike the old metal braces.
  • Cleaning the tray is easy. You can use the cleaning system from Invisalign found right here. Or, you can brush and rinse in some lukewarm water.
  • The cost is really going to be determined by your teeth. There is no set price on the process. We can schedule a consultation and give you an idea of what it will be.
  • If your dental insurance covers orthodontic procedures it’s probably also going to cover Invisalign, but you should probably check just to make sure.

Also, don’t just take our word for it, listen to one of our happy customers:

Learn More & Schedule Your Appointment!

We hope this information ebook talking about invisalign from dr. graber dentist in scottsdale azcan be a motivating factor to get the ball rolling on that brand new smile you’ve been looking for. With Invisalign, getting your teeth straightened has never been easier or this attainable.

We have a great eBook resource with even more answers about Invisalign. Feel free to download your copy by clicking on the pretty looking book.

If you have even more questions or would like to schedule a consultation you can give us a call at 480-513-6864 or visit our Contact Page and fill out the form.

Don’t hesitate! Let’s start today!


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